A Vegan's Guide to the Toronto Restaurant Scene

The restaurant scene in Toronto has completely exploded over the past few years, and eating vegan in the city has never been easier. Not only are there more vegan restaurants to eat, but even non-vegan restaurants are beginning to cater to veg-lovers with vegan-friendly menu options. The following list of restaurants are some of my favourites vegan spots. If you have any further restaurants recommendations, let me know in the comments below!

Kupfert & Kim

This restaurant has it all while serving totally “meatless” and “wheatless” food! Waffles topped with coconut-cashew cream, green smoothie bowls, tofu curry bowls, and plant-based burgers… you name it. The location at Spadina and Richmond is my favourite because you can sit down and the interior design of the restaurant is clean, modern, and has great natural lighting for snapping the perfect Insta. Plus, the service is always super speedy so you never need to worry about waiting too long for a table. Pro tip: Snag a 35¢ discount by bringing your own takeout container!


This restaurant has been all over Instagram lately, and for a good reason! Not only is the presentation of the food gorgeous, but it tastes delicious too. Baddies is not entirely vegan but has some amazing vegan options. Vegan items on the menu include the smashed avocado toast, chia pudding, bircher muesli, and incredible oat milk based hot drinks. If you’re planning to go for a Saturday brunch, I suggest arriving as early as you can because the wait time can be a bit long. Pro tip: Ditch Uber and take the subway, the restaurant is steps away from Lansdowne station!


Bloomers is a hidden vegan gem in Toronto. This casual cafe and bakery is located by the intersection of Bloor Street West and Lansdowne. Non-vegans and vegans alike are sure to enjoy this haven for vegan comfort food. Some of my personal favourites on their menu include the Wakame Bowl made with brown rice, tempeh, and steamed greens and the Tofu Club prepared with mock “bacon” on their house-made bread. Bloomer’s portions are on the larger side so you will definitely leave feeling full and satisfied. Pro tip: Great study space equipped with wifi, a chill atmosphere, and no shortage of study snacks!

Thrive Organic Kitchen & Cafe

This restaurant previously had one location in Etobicoke, but recently opened up another restaurant on College Street. Their food is all vegetarian with many dishes that are vegan or can be made to be vegan. To be honest, I didn’t love the taste of the green smoothie bowl, but the pizza with cashew chipotle and the crepe with coconut cream were unreal. I definitely want to go back and try more from their extensive menu! Pro tip: If you don’t feel like driving to the restaurant yourself, their food can be delivered by UberEats or Foodora!


To say that I was excited when I heard an upscale plant-based restaurant was opening in Yorkville is an understatement. Whoever said that vegan food is bland and boring clearly hasn’t been to Planta. From their 18 Carrot Dog to their Queso Dip, all of their menu items are thoughtfully crafted and full of flavour. If you’re celebrating a special event or are craving quality vegan food, this is your go-to restaurant. Pro tip: Make a reservation if possible as it gets very busy!

Peace Treats

For vegans wanting to indulge in a sugary and sweet treat, head over to Peace Treats on Ossington and buy yourself the Canadian Built gourmet milkshake. Though there’s only one vegan menu item, you’re sure to leave with your taste buds on overload and sugar cravings fulfilled. Pro tip: This dessert bar is located inside the Peace Collective Flagship clothing store, don’t miss it!